Automated sliding gates run on a rack & pinion drive system, they are quiet in operation, reliable and offer a good degree of security.We offer a range of operators to drive gates from 300Kg right up to the heaviest gates at 4000Kg allowing us to close virtually any opening width using a sliding gate providing that there is sufficient roll back area.All forms of access control can be employed to operate these automatic gates.The use of a sliding gate may allow you to make better use of the space available in your entrance area.There are essentially two types of sliding gate available, our automation systems will operate either system.

Tracked Sliding Gate

This as the name suggests runs upon a track set into the ground across the entrance being controlled. A relatively level area is required for satisfactory installation.

Cantilevered Sliding Gate

This is useful when the entry area is not level or if you wish to install the automated gate without disturbing the drive surface.

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